Pool Season Arrives!

Saturday, May 28 — The recent hot and humid weather made for a perfect opening day for pool season in our area today. A heavy shower passed through briefly in the afternoon, but most of the day was bright and sunny with humidity levels in the tolerable range. The recent warm weather also served to … Continue reading

Backyard Beauty

Mon., Nov. 8 — Beauty is where you find it, and sometimes it’s right in your backyard — that is, our common backyard as residents of Woodbridge. We’re introducing this regular feature to share with visitors to WoodbridgeLiving.com and use it as a forum to display the beauty that we come across in our daily … Continue reading

May Day At Veterans Memorial Park

Skateboarding at Veterans Park.

It was a beautiful start to May on Saturday, so we ventured over to Veterans Memorial Park to spend some time outside. We stopped at one of the first spots as you enter the park — the skateboard facility. As the PWC Web site notes, the facility is a “skate at your own risk” option … Continue reading