About Us

Gary and Melissa Hopkins live in Woodbridge with their three young boys and love their Lake Ridge neighborhood and community. They’ve lived many areas of the country, including Hawaii, and have never been as impressed with a community like Woodbridge, particularly with its proximity to our Nation’s Capitol. They saw a need to have all the wonderful resources of this area in one searchable place.

We would love to hear from you and get your feedback. Please send us an email at woodbridge@woodbridgeliving.com with any tips, suggestions, criticisms or compliments.

Read more about the history of Woodbridge in this article we found through the HistoricPrinceWilliam.org website:

Woodbridge is 200 Years Old!

This article was written by Stephen E. Phinney in 1995, when he was serving on the Prince William County Historical Commission. It was published in the November, 1997 issue.

Two hundred years ago, a wooden bridge was built over the Occoquan River near its mouth along the Potomac Path, the major highway from Alexandria south ( later called the King’s Highway). Thomas Mason, the owner of the plantation in the area named his plantation “Woodbridge.”
This bridge lasted about 10 years being washed away in 1807 by one of the recurring floods seen on the Occoquan River. But the name of the plantation and of the settlement that grew up in the area remained …

Read the rest of this article at HistoricPrinceWilliam.org/Woodbridge

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