Snow Hitting Woodbridge Hard; Schools Closed Thursday

As the light dwindled in the early evening, snow was sticking to pretty much everything.

Wednesday, Jan. 26 — We’re in the thick of it here, aren’t we? Snow is falling and accumulating quickly. It looks like we’re right on the edge of the band that will dump either 5-8 inches on us or 2-5 inches. Either way, it’s coming down fast and making a big impact on traffic.

As expected, folks have hit the stores on the way home from an early release by the Federal Government, grabbing the usual milk, bread and various other items. Here in Woodbridge, our unofficial measure already has us at 2 inches, and it’s still snowing significantly and will continue to do so well into the evening, so it looks like we’ll be in that 5- to 8-inch band.

No call by Prince William County Schools yet on closings Thursday, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as there’s any definitive information available.

Update, 6:50 pm: Prince William County Schools are closed Thursday.


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