Restaurant Review: Dixie Bones

Classic southern barbecue -- beef, cornbread, coleslaw, beans and rice ... and a glass of sweet tea.

You’ll find Dixie Bones on many a “Best of” list, including Washingtonian magazine’s, where it has made the list of top 100 Washington area restaurants and perennial appearances on its “Cheap Eats” list. We agree. This is hands down the best barbecue around. This is real pit barbecue, pork or beef, smoked over hickory logs for 12-14 hours. The long cooking time melts away excess fat and gives the meat a great smoky flavor. Serve up either the pork or beef with one of Dixie Bones’ amazing homemade sauces, and you’ve got a winner.

Dixie Bones also serves pulled chicken, fried catfish and their own “Dixie Dog” — a house-made sausage. These protein offerings anchor a menu that also includes the traditional standout Southern sides of cornbread, collard greens, coleslaw, potato salad, and beans and rice. And my, oh, my, don’t forget about the pies. If you can save room for their pecan pie, you’ll be glad you did; and on Thursdays only they also serve their very special lemon chess pie. They make their pies, rolls and cornbread fresh every day and also use fresh veggies, not canned or frozen.

A slice of Dixie Bones' lemon chess pie.

You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to decide whether to go for the pork or the beef. Don’t stress; just order a combo so you can indulge in both. And if you’re really brave, head over to their place on Occoquan Road just off Route 1 on a Sunday for their buffet from 11am – 3:30pm. Get yourself ready for a real feed-fest. Check out their menu ahead of time and get an idea of what you want to order: Dixie Bones menu. Also, they’ve just instituted a discount for paying cash instead of using credit cards.

Dixie Bones opened in Woodbridge in 1995 after founder Nelson Head decided to make the move from Capitol Hill. They also do catering like nobody’s business if you’re in need of serving a group of 15 or more.

Address: 13440 Occoquan Road, Woodbridge, VA 22911 (
Phone: 703-492-2205

Outside Dixie Bones on Occoquan road just off Route 1.

Inside Dixie Bones.

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  1. Nelson Head says:

    Gary, thanks for the very kind review and pictures.

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