Snow Closes Prince William County Schools

Cars move slowly down a hill on Smoketown Road just before 1 pm as a couple shovels their driveway.

Thursday, Dec. 16 — The snow that moved into Woodbridge late this morning and continued this afternoon has led to all Prince William County Schools closing Friday, Dec. 17. The county has announced a Code Red for employees, and the School Age Care Program will not open.

The first snow of the season also led to PWC Schools closing an hour early today. Forecasts were for 1 to 3 inches, and that appears to be about what fell in Woodbridge. Most of the immediate Woodbridge area got about 2 inches. It was just enough to make area roads slick and traveling on them treacherous.

Area ground temperatures had been prepped by days of sub-freezing weather, which helped the snow accumulate as it fell rather than melt. More cold is forecast for Friday, but no precipitation is expected in the area. Friday will start out with temperatures in the teens; however, it’s expected to reach the mid-30s in the afternoon, which should help out with the roads.


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