Mom’s Apple Pie Company: Pie Perfection

At Mom’s, it’s all about the pies. Yes, they’ve got breads and cookies, too. But this place is called Mom’s Apple Pie Company for a reason: they excel at making pies.

Blackberry, Sour Cherry, Butter Pecan Apple and Shenandoah Peach crumb pies; Wild Blueberry, Raspberry Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb and, of course Apple pie. Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Bourbon Walnut, Southern Pecan, Lemon Chess and Almond Amaretto Chess pies.

Unbelievable. Pie perfection.

Fresh slices of pie await shoppers hungry for "just a bite."

And this family-owned bakery does it day after day, all year long, cranking out consistent, top-quality products. No matter the season, they’ve got pies aplenty to satisfy. In fact, if you’re interested in getting some pies for the holidays, you’d better get your order in now. Fortunately, living in the Woodbridge area as we do, that’s easy; it’s a quick drive into Occoquan to walk in and place your order or grab whatever available pie strikes your fancy. But if you want to be sure you’ve got that Sour Cherry Crumb Pie or a Mom’s Own Rhubarb Pie or Amaretto Almond Chess or any of their other wonderful pies on your serving table for Christmas, it’s best to make sure you place your order soon!

If you prefer, you also can order pies ahead of time online and pick them up at the store or have them shipped anywhere in the U.S. – Order Mom’s Apple Pies Online

The front of Mom's Apple Pie store in Occoquan.

Walking up the stairs into their shop at the corner of Commerce Street and Occoquan Road at the entrance to the historic town of Occoquan, you feel as if you’re stepping back half a century, when one of American’s favorite pastimes was hanging out on the front porch (they’ve got a substantial one at the store) and watching the sun go down, chatting with neighbors over a slice of pie and maybe some coffee.

Much of the fruit that goes into the pies is grown on the family farm just north of Leesburg in Lucketts.

You can buy pies whole or by the slice, and they’ll be happy to cut a slice of any pie they’ve got for you to try. Be careful, though — you’ll become hooked easily. Their crusts are flaky and buttery, their fruit fillings are wonderfully flavorful — just enough sugar is added to help make the fruit stand out — and their non-fruit pies are beautifully done as well. We’ve eaten a lot of pie during our time and travels across the U.S., from coast to coast, and these are among the best pies, if not the best, we’ve ever tasted.

If you watch the Food Network, you might remember a show called “Road Tasted” hosted by Paula Deen’s sons, Jamie and Bobby. They came to Washington, D.C., a few years back and went out to visit the farm where the family grows and uses much of the fruit they put in the pies. And they filmed the pie-making process from start to finish. You’ll get a great sense of the quality and care that goes into every pie watching the video:

During the summer, they also bring in bushels of fresh veggies or fruit to sell. Corn, tomatoes, green beans, cantaloupe and more come right off the farm.

Summer fruits and vegetables sit in bushels inside Mom's Apple Pie shop.

Venture beyond the pies if you like, and try some of their other baked goods. The cookies and breads also are top-notch, and should not be missed. You can easily take care of your entire Christmas treat list with one stop here.

Christmas cookies at Mom's.

Mom’s is a wonderful, local, small independent business; and without fail, every time we’ve been in the shop, we’ve been treated as if we were a treasured, long-time customer. Everyone gets that same treatment, whether it’s a first visit or the fifteenth. It’s a testament to the kind of people you’ll encounter up and down the line at the shop. And it’s great to know that your money goes back into the local economy to support such a wonderful slice of Americana that thrives right here in Woodbridge’s backyard.

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  1. Rick says:

    Those pies look awesome.

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