Black Friday Shopping Gets Early Start at Potomac Mills

Friday, Nov. 26 — At Potomac Mills, it may as well have 12 noon, rather than midnight as Black Friday got underway today. Thousands of cars and shoppers streamed into the mall’s parking lot and main entrances as midnight approached. Parking spaces filled up fast, and there was a steady flow of shoppers continuing to arrive as midnight transitioned into 1 am.

Inside the mall, it was pretty much wall to wall shoppers from one end to the other. A few of the newer fashion stores in Neighborhood 1 caused a bottleneck as people queued up waiting to get in. Outside Juicy Couture, shoppers formed an orderly single line as they waited, but the big crowds were gathered outside the Coach store as well as its neighborhood store across the corridor, Kenneth Cole, forming snaking lines that went dozens deep.

Crowds line up outside the Coach store at Potomac Mills at about 12:30 am Friday, Nov. 26. / © HopkinsPhotos

“This is the third year we’ve done this,” said Caroline Green, director of marketing for Potomac Mills to a visitor surprised to see the size of the turnout. Obviously, mall employees were well prepared for the volume of the crowd and not surprised by it all; greeters ready with stacks of specials flyers welcomed shoppers as they handed out the printed materials while security guards roamed among the shoppers keeping an eye on it all.

A line forms to enter the Juicy Couture store early Friday morning. / © HopkinsPhotos

Just across Telegraph Road, Toys R Us got an even earlier start, opening their doors at 10 pm on Thanksgiving. The parking lot was choked with cars there as well.

And up the road at Walmart, the parking lot was near capacity as shoppers flocked to the store for their midnight opening and specials. “Stay safe,” joked one Walmart employee to a man entering the store. Walmart had temporary barricades set up to control the flow of customers coming and going, police were on hand, and inside the store, lines of people waiting to check out were at least a dozen deep with almost all registers open as people brought their items to the front.

A steady stream of cars and customers entered Potomac Mills in the early morning on Friday, Nov. 26. / © HopkinsPhotos

One Response to “Black Friday Shopping Gets Early Start at Potomac Mills”
  1. justpixels says:

    Terrific photos! You were brave to venture out into the midnight madness. We had our first Black Friday shopping adventure EVER – not at midnight, but we did arrive at the Micro Center computer store in Fairfax at 8AM. The doors were just opening to absorb the line of about 100 shoppers that had formed outside under a light sprinkle. We waited ’til the line disappeared, entered, grabbed our targeted items and were back in the car in 15 minutes. Then we stopped for a yummy ‘old school’ breakfast at 29 Diner. It was fun! Now we are home and plan to keep it that way for the rest of the day… shopping online, of course.

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