Potomac Mills Mall’s 22-Hour Black Friday Event

Is Potomac Mills Mall trying to make Thanksgiving night into a New Year’s Eve-style event? It’s just possible, as they will open their doors for “Black Friday” shopping at the stroke of midnight tonight as Thursday’s Thanksgiving turns to Friday. They are offering 22 solid hours of Black Friday shopping at the mall — from midnight on Thanksgiving night to 10 pm on Friday, Nov. 26.

Check out their main page — Potomac Mills — for more information, specials, shopping spree entry, directions to the mall and more details on the overnight extravaganza.

By the way, other major retailers are lining up to open up early — really early — to capture what they hope to be shopper frenzy as Black Friday hits. Not to be outdone by neighbor Potomac Mills, Walmart also throws open its doors tonight at midnight. Kohls closely follows as they open their doors at 3am. Hey, if people are going to arrive to line up at about that time, what’s the point of making them stand in the cold on the sidewalk? Get them in the doors to get some business, right?

Target follows on the heels of Kohls as they open their doors at 4am; Best Buy opens at 5am. Almost every store out there has got some major savings deal going on this Friday, which is why we’ve got that resultant crush of people trying to get into the doors to get the savings. Perhaps with doors opening so much earlier at these major retailers, we’ll avoid that this year? Who knows.

But you easily can plan out your strategy, if you’re so inclined to venture out for this frenzy of commerce — hit Potomac Mills, then jump over to Walmart, then hopscotch over to Kohls, bounce back to Target and slide into Best Buy. Then maybe stagger over to Panera for coffee and a bite to eat to get your energy back. There! All set now, right?

If you have any info about other openings, specials, etc., for Black Friday, please post in comments to let everyone know.


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