Westboro Baptist Church Demonstration Draws Counter-Protest at WSHS

Monday, Nov. 15 — If numbers are any indication, messages of love, peace and acceptance won out over the opposing messages of death and hate this morning at Woodbridge Senior High School.

A handful of demonstrators affiliated with the Westboro Baptist Church arrived for their scheduled demonstration this morning across from the entrance to Woodbridge High at the intersection of Mohican Drive and Old Bridge Road, where they stayed from 7-7:30 am to try to spread their agenda. They carried signs that read, “God Is Your Enemy,” “You Hate Your Kids,” “God Killed Your Sons,” and “God Hates Dead Soldiers,” among other sayings.

Conversely, across the street from them at the entrance to Woodbridge High, a crowd that grew to be what appeared to be about 200 gathered in counter-protest, carrying signs that read, “God Loves WSHS,” “God Loves Everyone,” “God = Love,” “Spread Love, Not Hate,” and “God Accepts You.”

WBC is the group that has gained notoriety for protesting at the funerals of men and women killed while in service to our country. They also stage protests against the gay community. They specifically targeted Woodbridge Senior High School for their protest.

After spending a half hour across from Woodbridge High, the WBC group boarded a van to travel to their next Woodbridge area protest, which originally was scheduled at the Coast Guard Recruiting Office near Potomac Mills, according to the group’s website. However, the WBC group apparently moved to a corner of Smoketown Road and the Prince William County Parkway. Anticipating the Westboro group at the recruiting office, a number of counter-protestors gathered there to demonstrate.

One Response to “Westboro Baptist Church Demonstration Draws Counter-Protest at WSHS”
  1. alexandra says:

    I go to woodbridge senior and it was insane this morning! there were over 500 students from WSHS and even schools in manassas protesting against WBC. law enforcement had cops on horses and the CDU out there and in the school. it gave everyone such a buzz, but I think it was stupid to make such a fuss over five (5!!) protesters.

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