‘Pot-Shot’ Military-Related Shootings Continue

Tues., Nov. 2 — In yet another incident of shots being fired at military-related facilities in our area, today the Coast Guard recruiting office near Potomac Mills Mall took a hit. The office is not in the mall; it’s located in a commercial building that also houses Mattressland and Carpetland, and is behind the Silver Diner and across from Chili’s.

This is the latest in a series of five shootings related to military facilities, all of which have happened under the cover of darkness, in the late evenings or early mornings, and none of which has resulted in any injuries. However, it’s a perplexing problem that authorities are struggling to get a handle on and understand.

It started back on Oct. 17 when shots were fired at the National Museum of the Marine Corps just down the road from Woodbridge in Triangle. Then, just two days later, shots were fired at the Pentagon, and bullets were found lodged in some of the windows that were struck. Next, on Oct. 26, a Marine Corps recruiting office in Chantilly was hit. Then the Marine Corps Museum was again the target last Friday.

According to police, the shots fired at both the Marine Corps Museum and the Pentagon came from the direction of nearby highways. What’s not known, however, is whether or not the shots were fired from a moving vehicle or just from the direction of the nearby highways, and not necessarily from a vehicle. Police have said that the previous shootings are related, and they are looking for a connection between those shootings and this most recent one at the Coast Guard recruiting office.


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