An Evening at the Prince William County Fair

The ferris wheel anchors the midway.

Saturday, Aug. 14 — The smell of fresh popcorn, funnel cakes, sausages, fries, cheese steaks and smoked turkey legs drifted through the air. The sounds of laughter, shouts, squeals of joy, music and barkers calling crowds to their booths reverberated throughout the day. The smells, the sounds, the sights were unmistakeable. The Prince William County Fair was open!

And judging from the crowded midway, it was the place to be on a lovely Saturday in mid-August. Open for its second day today, the Prince William County Fair will run through Aug. 21. Check the PWC fair schedules page for times and dates of specific events. And enjoy these sights from the fair from tonight:

The singular expression of all on this beautiful Saturday night on the grounds of the Prince William County Fair was sheer joy.

No hands and loving it!

Adri Groenewald talks with customers getting ready for a balloon race.

Crowds pack the midway.

Perhaps the biggest batch of smoked turkey legs you will ever see at once get readied for the crowds.

A truck gets ready for a run during the truck pull.

Hanging on the fence, watching the truck pull.

Having fun on one of the rides.

A tight shot of the giant ferris wheel.

Twisting, turning, swinging back and forth on a pendulum -- yep, it's Extreme!

Kids enjoy a ride on the dragon rollercoaster.

Bubbles float unto the air from the magical Candy Tower.


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