Aug. 12 Storm Power Outages

Take a look at this snapshot of power outages as of 4:48 pm, and you’ll see that even though the storm that swept through the Woodbridge area just a little while ago was very intense, with heavy rain, thunder and lightning, it looks like for the most part we haven’t been heavily impacted.

Dominion Electric / Affected Areas in Northern Virginia, Aug. 12, 4:48 pm

You’ll see a few spots in PWC that have from 1-50 or from 51-250 outages reported so far, but that’s relatively minor given the number of residences and businesses in our area. (Update: click on the map above to get the most recent power outage report numbers.) I know at our house, we unplugged TVs, computers and other important electrical equipment just in case, but it looks like we dodged the bullet. That’s little consolation if you’re one of the small percentage of folks who aren’t able to read this because you have no power, but we just wanted to update.


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