Woodbridge Archer Wins Championship

Braden Gellenthien of Woodbridge won the 2010 Archery World Cup Stage 3 championship finals over rival Jorge Jimenez of Salvador in their Aug. 7 match in Ogden, Utah, in front of a crowd of 2,500.

The Ogden World Cup is the third of four qualifying stages where the top seven athletes in each division advance to the Archery World Cup Final in Edinburg, Great Britain in September. Gellenthien was the 2009 World Cup Final runner-up.

According to an online report in the Deseret News, Gellenthien’s win was an emotional one. “The wind was a major factor in this match,” Gellenthien told the Deseret News. “It was not the greatest condition. I was really happy to shoot in the team event earlier tonight for a little extra experience. My preparations for this event is what separates me from the rest of the field. I was able to duplicate my shots, just like in practice. The last shot was dead nuts. It is incredible to do this in front of the home crowd. I feel like I’m going to cry. There is nothing like this in the world and the home crowd cheering me on.”


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