Silly Bandz Trading Event

A youngster from Woodbridge was interviewed at a Silly Bandz trading event in Savannah, Georgia, in a story published today online at If you have younger children, you’re probably well-informed about the fad that has swept the elementary school age group. Silly Bandz are thin, colored silicone loops that are fashioned into various shapes, like guitars, letters, characters, items found in nature and so on. They’re worn as bracelets and kids collect and trade them.

“I have about 46,” said Mia Hudson, 7, of Woodbridge, Va., as quoted in the article. “My cowboy on a horse is my favorite one because I like horses.” Said her grandmother, Barbara Hudson, “I think it’s fun for the kids. They get to use their imagination.”

Mia was one of about 50 children who attended a Silly Bandz trading event at the A.C. Moore store in the Savannah Mall Thursday afternoon. The event was held up and down the east coast in 134 stores.

Read the full story at | Watch the video.


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