Dale City Farmers Market

Dale City Farmers Market

Things are starting to pick up at the Dale City Farmers Market. It was only early May, but it certainly felt like the middle of summer. So we had to venture down to the Dale City Farmers’ Market to see how things were going. We first swung by the C&T Produce stall — farm-fresh vegetables from Stafford. And things were looking good.

Dale City Farmers Market - Strawberries

Strawberries on display at the Dale City Farmers Market.

Sue Olinger of Sue’s Pies reported brisk sales — she had sold all but two of the 40 pies she brought with her to market. (We sampled the blueberry — mmmmm, boy!) There was a scattering of fresh produce, but it’s still a little early in the season.

Donald Prevish manning the Rockahock Farm booth with a spread of fruit butters, marmalades and breads (with some savory cheesecakes as well).

Rockahock Farm’s Donald Prevish talked about what he had on display, and we sampled some of that as well — wonderfully fruity blueberry and blackberry marmalades as well as similarly flavor-bursting cranberry, mango, blackberry and blueberry butters. Tons of fruit, a little sugar and a touch of pectin just to help hold it all together. Just the way it should be.

Energizing Escentials soaps on display.

And one of our favorites is back at the market — Energizing Escentials — which produces amazing handmade goat’s milk soaps and lotions.

Being Sunday, we also had to stop by “The Holy GraEl of Sorbet” booth. I promise you, this is not a vendor to be missed when you hit the farmers market in Dale City on Sundays. Their sorbet is fantastic, and you’ll be well-educated and entertained as well.

Dale City Farmers Market.

The Dale City Farmers’ Market is open now through mid-November from 8am – 1pm every Sunday. You can’t miss it — just past Minnieville Road on the left as you travel west on Dale Blvd. Make it a point to get over there some Sunday and support local producers of some great products.


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