May Day At Veterans Memorial Park

Skateboarding at Veterans Park.

Rock on!

Rock on!

It was a beautiful start to May on Saturday, so we ventured over to Veterans Memorial Park to spend some time outside. We stopped at one of the first spots as you enter the park — the skateboard facility. As the PWC Web site notes, the facility is a “skate at your own risk” option and is not monitored. We showed up early on Saturday, May 1, a little after 9am and had the place to ourselves.

Pretty cool place to hang out, let the kids get some exercise and enjoy a beautiful day. We watched cars coming and going as Little League baseball players showed up for their games, and fields were abuzz with soccer, flag football and volleyball games. Hikers were hitting the nature trail and runners jogged back and forth while families picnicked and held parties. Quite the expansive facility. We’ll bring you more from Veterans Park as we explore it more; and for more photos of the skateboard facility check out Concrete Disciples. The place is kind of stark with no frills, but for a bunch of young skateboarders, on this Saturday morning, they were having the time of their lives. “Best day EVER,” is one of the quotes I heard.


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