Shanghai Cafe

RESTAURANT REVIEW — When a good friend of ours recommended we try a Chinese restaurant that he said was the best he’s found in the Woodbridge area, of course we were skeptical.

And when he said he had talked to the owner who said she was committed to having the best Chinese restaurant in the area and sent all her cooks to culinary school to hone their skills, of course we were intrigued.

And of course, we had to try it.

Our friend was right. Shanghai Cafe is simply the best Chinese food we’ve come across in our area.

The Shanghai Cafe in Darby Brooke Court is quietly sequestered among a hodge-podge of offices, health clinics and various other businesses, which all suffer traffic woes from not having any one major store or chain as an anchor to draw in visitors. But finding this place is worth the hunt.

They really have raised the bar for local Chinese fare. Sending their cooks to school and keeping their vision of being the best around has paid off for them. Familiar favorites like Kung Pao Shrimp or Chicken with Almonds tastes like a chef actually put the meal together from scratch rather than pull it out of a one-sauce-fits-all recipe that you often run into at other places. Another favorite is Mongolian beef. The meat is very tender and the sauce superb. We highly recommend that dish.

We tried their takeout too ($12 minimum order for delivery,) and it was just as good. They serve lunch, dinner and also have a catering service. Beer, wine and cocktails also available in the restaurant.

Shanghai Cafe
12760 Darby Brooke Ct.
(just off of Old Bridge Rd, near Occoquan Rd.)
(703) 494-8833


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