Auto Glass Repair

We smashed the window of our minivan just as we were leaving for a long road trip. We found a repair service at the last minute and they were great.

The plan was to get out the door by 10am. Get the bags packed and loaded, put together snacks and drinks for the kids. Make sure we’ve got not just the bags, the kids, the snacks, and the drinks, but the map, the cameras, the cell phones, the chargers, our itinerary, the dog, dog food, bed, water bowl, food bowl … you know the drill: get the army on the move. We were getting ready for a trip from Woodbridge to Charleston, S.C., to attend a friend’s wedding. It was Friday, the wedding was on Saturday, and we were stressing a little because we knew we had about a 10-hour drive ahead of us.

We were just about ready; we had everything we could think of that we needed. One last little shuffle and we were out: pull the van out of the garage, slide our other car in, and we would be off. It was almost 10am, and it looked like we were going to make it onto the road on schedule. I jumped into the van’s driver’s seat, put it into gear and started to ease it out of the garage. But then I heard a creak and a moan and then a pop and a shattering of glass. At once I knew what it was, but didn’t want to admit what it was. I had left the rear hatch of the van up. The hatch glass had hit the open garage door and shattered.

I looked around desperately. Thoughts of duck tape and vinyl trash bags flashed through my brain, as if some combination of something I might have in the garage would make a quick fix and we could still leave and stick to our planned trip. But I knew in my heart we were sunk. I was sunk. I can’t tell you how remorseful I felt having to go into the house and tell my wife what had just happened.

She took it well, sort of. I think she felt pity and realized how sorry I was about what I had done. Next: hit the phone books and try to find someone to replace the glass. Fast.

I made about half a dozen calls. I left a few messages, was told by one company they didn’t have the window in stock and was told by another that they could handle it, but not until late in the afternoon and quoted me a price of $300. I made one more call to Vision Auto Glass of Woodbridge. I spoke to Billy Boland. He said he could get the glass from his supplier, quoted me a price of $200, installed, and said he could be there sometime around 2 or 3pm. Then I told him my story — about the wedding, the waiting family, the 10-hour drive to Charleston we had ahead of us. He told me he needed to check on a couple things and would give me a call back within 5 minutes. I wondered if he would. He did. He said he could pick up the glass in Alexandria and would be in my driveway no later than noon to begin installation, and wanted to know if that was OK?

Was that OK? Are you kidding me? It was great!

With one minor glitch from the supplier (the box the window was packed in said it contained glass wired for a rear window defroster, but it didn’t), he was in my driveway before noon. He had the shattered glass cleaned up and the new window installed within an hour. He had a very easygoing manner, made me feel like I was in good hands and that he would take care of things, which he did. I was so grateful for his quick, thoughtful, courteous service that I tried to give him a $40 tip on top of the $200 he charged. He wouldn’t take it. “Spend it on the kids,” he said.

This is a guy to do business with. If you ever need auto glass replaced, call Vision Auto Glass first. I couldn’t give them a high enough recommendation. Thanks, Billy. We made it to Charleston just fine and had a great time at the wedding.

Keep their info tucked away somewhere:

Vision Auto Glass
1340 Profit Ct.
Woodbridge, VA 22191


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