Cheeseburger in Paradise

Cheeseburger in ParadiseCheeseburger in Paradise is a burger joint with a tropical flair. Does that leave you scratching your head? Well, some of you may not know the origins of the place: It’s a multi-state burger chain with six restaurants in Virginia, including the Woodbridge location, and was created by singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett who first wrote the song, “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” He’s most famous, of course, for his song, “Margaritaville.” If you’re a “Parrothead” you probably know all about this stuff.

We’ve dropped in on a number of occasions — it’s one of our boys’ favorite restaurants to go to. You can’t go wrong with the burgers here (big surprise, eh?). One of our favorite items are the mini-burgers with cheese. Any cheeseburger served here is pretty good. And we’d suggest you stick with them. There are other menu items that sound tempting, but ordering a dinner salad or pork sandwich or po’ boy wrap is a little like ordering chicken at a great steak place: not bad, but you’re really missing the main event.

It is a very fun place for kids and the staff is very friendly. They have live music, too. It’s very relaxing and enjoyable — nothing overwhelming that will force you to lean in and scream at each other to carry on a conversation. You can find their schedule of entertainment at their Woodbridge calendar.

Of course they have frosty cold beers and other tropical adult beverage concoctions. It’s definitely a bar kind of place; but at typical dinner hours, it’s pretty tame. If you really want to sit down to a good burger, it is definitely worth the trip.

Cheeseburger in Paradise
13458 Minnieville Road
(In Foulger Square on the corner of Minnieville and Smoketown)
(703) 580-0214‎
Website: Cheeseburger in Paradise


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